Meet the Principal

Sherie Skruch

Sherie Skruch


Welcome to Ranchview High School. My name is Sherie Skruch, and I have the privilege of serving as the Principal of Ranchview High School. Our one goal in C-FB is high achievement for all students. At Ranchview, we strive to provide each student with opportunities to lead and learn in the classroom as well as through extra-curricular activities, so that he/she is prepared for the challenges of a world that does not yet exist.

We don’t know what the job market will demand in 5 years, 10 years or even 25 years, but we do know that a strong education is the key to students being successful in life. It is a strong education that teaches students the skills that will enable them to work in an ever changing environment.  Schools today must create environments where students work collaboratively to solve complex problems, to seek out information from multiple sources, to think and to reason out solutions that are feasible, and to communicate their ideas in a coherent manner. These are the skills that will enable students to be successful in an ever changing world.

Through the rigorous coursework in the classroom, the team work and collaboration on the field/court/stage, and the service in our community, our students are developing the skills necessary for the world in which they live.  I look forward to working together with the students, parents, staff and community this year. With everyone working together, we can support our students and show them that there is a whole community behind them, rooting for their success. With all of us working together, we can make sure our students are prepared to meet the challenges of the future. Have a great year and GO WOLVES!