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Welcome to Ranchview High School!

Ranchview is a comprehensive high school offering competitive athletics programs as well as outstanding fine arts opportunities for all of our students. With less than 1000 students we are the smallest of the CFB high schools. This gives students the opportunity to participate in multiple sports, multiple fine arts groups, as well as a variety of clubs and organizations.



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Welcome to Ranchview High School

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To teach or not to teach?

For me that was never a question.  From the time I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  However, I didn’t know how fortunate it would be for me to teach at such a great school. Here are just a few of the highlights that RHS offers students and teachers that I’ve observed in my 10 years here:

#1- Ranchview has a wonderful diversity of cultures.  It is always a pleasure to watch students of varying backgrounds interact as friends, both in the classroom and at lunch.  They hang out together and learn together.  Martin Luther King, Jr. would truly be proud if he walked the halls of our campus and could witness that his dream came true for so many youth.  

#2- Ranchview offers coursework to fill the needs of all learning communities, including for those who struggle with learning disabilities and for those who want to pursue the rigorous IB program or take Dual Credit classes. 

#3- Ranchview is a small campus, allowing students to really feel like they belong to a caring community of learners. At Ranchview you’re not a number, we know you by name; and your name is important to us.

Mrs. Paredes- RHS Spanish Teacher

Ranchview is built around embracing diversity.  No matter who you are, where you're from, or what your interests are, there will always be teachers and coaches who want to help you achieve the best version of yourself.
- Ranchview Coach Wheeler 

One of my favorite parts about going to Ranchview High School is that I have the ability to be a full IB diploma candidate, as well as being actively involved with the amazing orchestra program here, am able to play sports, and I can participate in the many different clubs and organizations that are offered! I love that I don't have to choose which class or extracurricular activity I would rather participate in because I have the option to do almost everything! The staff here is amazing. The teachers make sure that every student feels heard and they care about our learning and understanding of a subject rather than just a grade. 
- Emily jones, 11th grade student

We recently started our 3rd (and last child) at Ranchview and we continue to love everything about the school, staff, and administrators. If you are looking to have your student be fulfilled academically and to be better prepared for the future, Ranchview High School is the place to enroll.
-Luke ERlenbusch, ranchview parent